CLASS of 2023 and Beyond

Requirements for 2021 Applicants and Beyond

Note: Requirements are  based on the term you declare your major and not on the date of your graduation. The following requirements are for students admitted in and after the spring of 2021.

The bulk of your major must be completed in the Media Studies Department.  The Media Studies Major consists of 10 courses. You are allowed to take any practice of media course on our list. Your 4000-level course is a capstone course and must be a Media Studies course taught by a member of our faculty. Two of your four upper-level electives must be Media Studies courses, taught by a member of our faculty, including affiliated faculty. The remaining two courses may be study abroad or courses from other departments at UVA. All courses from outside the department must be on our approved lists or approved by the Director of Undergraduate Programs before they can be applied toward the major. Please see the Course Offerings and/or Transfer courses for information regarding course approval.


Honors Program  Distinguished Majors Program in Media Studies

  • MDST 3000 – Theory and Criticism of Media (3 credits)
  • MDST 4000 – Media Theory and Methods (this substitutes for MDST 3510)
  • MDST 4010 – Distinguished Majors Thesis Writing or Research Project (3 credits)