Matthew Healey

The People: My roommates, hall mates, apartment mates, friends, teammates on Club Swim, professors, and all of the great people I have formed lasting relationships with during my time at UVA. I have met my best friends here.

The Places: Scott Stadium, JPJ, the AFC, O-Hill Dining Hall, The Lawn, Lambeth Field, the Corner, and of course Metcalf 1R are among many of the places that will always be special to me.

The Memories: Driving to Minneapolis to see the Men's Basketball National Championship, driving to Miami to see UVA Football play in the Orange Bowl, Winning the Club Swimming National Championship, seeing Men's Lacrosse and Men's Tennis win National Championships, experiencing UVA Football beating Virginia Tech, eating dinner with friends at O-Hill dining hall, and walking on the lawn with friends on a warm spring day are just a few of the memories that I will cherish forever.