Jed Baul

Graduate Teaching Assistant - MDST 2000

Jed is a first-year graduate student who has previously worked on multiple Democratic campaigns and progressive causes over the last four years, including Biden-Harris 2020 and the We Are Home immigration rights campaign. His work has ranged from communications to social media, copywriting, and email production (HTML/CSS coding). Previous research has included the usage of Twitter and #BlackLivesMatter, police violence and other forms of gun violence, international alliances and doctrines (such as the Five Eyes Alliance), as well as the stunted growth and/or curtailing of LGBTQ+ rights during the Trump and Biden administrations at the state level.

Jed's research interests include the role of social media in distributing misinformation and disinformation during election cycles and social justice movements; the intersection of different forms of media and its impact on politics and public policy; and the intersection of video games and streamer platforms/streamers, particularly with the rise of  big corporations entering the gaming space via sponsorships and partnerships (like Dunkin, Grubhub, etc.). Outside of class, Jed is either working out, cooking fried rice, playing games with friends (mainly Valorant), or trying to get eight hours of sleep every night.