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MDST 3508 - Advanced Topics in Media Practice: News Documentary Production - MoWe 3:30pm - 4:45pm

January 2016- to present       Professor of Practice, Department of Media Studies, Univ. of Virginia.  Professor Andrews teaches a lecture class, The News Media: a real time look at how the news media functions and the challenges it faces. He also teaches Basic and Advanced Multimedia News Reporting for students hoping to learn professional level reporting skills.

April 1991- to Sept. 2015       CBS News National Correspondent—Andrews is responsible for tracking trends in politics, veterans’ affairs, health care, energy and foreign affairs. He was the principal reporter for the "CBS Evening News" segment "Eye on America" from 1992-2007. During the 2008 Presidential campaign, Andrews was the primary correspondent for the "Reality Check" segment on the Evening News, focusing on political claims and distortions.

Oct 2003—Dec 2009              CBS News Supreme Court Correspondent—Andrews covered key challenges to war powers, detainee rights, affirmative action and campaign finance.

Jan. 1989 to April 1991         CBS News White House Correspondent—Covered the first Bush Administration. The first Gulf War. Summit meetings with the Soviets at Malta, Helsinki.

Jan.1988 to Jan.1989            CBS News State Department Correspondent—Covered nuclear arms control, the Afghanistan Accords, Middle East negotiations, relations with Mikhail Gorbachev, Nato.

Jan. 1986 to Jan.1988           CBS News Moscow Correspondent and Bureau Chief—Covered Gorbachev’s Perestroika. Soviet society. The Chernobyl accident.  Summits in Reykjavik, Moscow, Washington.

Jan. 1984 to Jan. 1986          CBS News Tokyo/Asia Correspondent—Covered Japan and South Asia. Trade conflicts. The assassination of Indira Gandhi, anti-Marcos unrest in the Philippines, Bhopal.

Andrews joined CBS News as a reporter assigned to the Atlanta Bureau in December, 1981.

(3) National Emmy awards: “The Gandhi Assassination” (1984) “The Reagan-Gorbachev Summit” in Reykjavik, Iceland (1986) and “The Washington Sniper Case (2002)

(1) duPont-Columbia Silver Baton award, “Sandy Hook.” (2014) Andrews was a Correspondent on the CBS News team that won this DuPont for coverage of the Newtown tragedy. The Silver Baton is considered the Pulitzer of broadcast news.

Prior to CBS News:                WPLG-TV Miami (December 1979-December 1981)—WFTV Orlando (February 1977-December 1979)
WTVR-TV Richmond, Va., (October 1974-February 1977)

2 Local Emmy Awards “Haitian Refugees,” (1981) “Crime Wave,” (1980)

Spring, 2006                           Adjunct Instructor: University of Virginia—Taught undergraduate course: “Journalism and the Media”

Education:                              B.A. Government and Foreign Affairs, with honors, University of Virginia, 1974

Wyatt Andrews was born in New Orleans, La., but grew up as proud Navy brat raised in Norfolk, VA. His father, Cmdr. William G. Andrews was a highly decorated Navy pilot. Andrews and his wife Amy celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2013, and raised their four children in Vienna, VA. His hobbies include woodworking, snow skiing, water skiing and mountain biking.