Courses from Other Departments Approved for MDST Credit

Students may apply two (2) electives from outside the Media Studies Department (in addition to Practice of Media) to fulfill major requirements. This includes study abroad, classes taken in other departments at UVA, and transfer credits from other US institutions. 

If you see a course with a media focus in another department you would like take, you can have it evaluated by submitting this form to our Director of Undergraduate Programs (DUP). 

Courses offered by other departments in Fall 2022 and approved for acceptance as an MDST elective:

ENGR 4595 - The Art of Storytelling: Producing Science and Engineering Documentaries (Practice of Media only)
GETR 3393 - Serial Media
PLAP 3140 - Mass Media and American Politics (Policy and Ethics Concentration elective)

Courses offered by other departments which have been approved for acceptance in the past include:

AAS 3500 - Aesthetics of Black Cinema (D&I)​
AAS 3500 - Making a Monster: Race and Monstrosity in the US Imagination (D&I)
AAS 4109 - Civil Rights Movement and the Media
AMST 3559 - Multimedia Harlem Renaissance
AMST 3559 - Language and New Media
AMST 3559 - Native American Popular Culture (D&I)
AMST 3740- Cultures of Hip Hop (this is also offered as MDST 3740)
ARCH 3500 - Special Topics in Architecture: 6D
ASL 4810 - Deafness in Literature and Film (cannot receive credit for both ASL 4810 and ENG 3922) (D&I) (Film Elective)
COMM 4535 - The Business of Media (Practice of Media)
DRAM 4598 - VR & 360 Video Storytelling (Practice of Media)
ENG 3922 - Deafness in Literature and Film (cannot receive credit for both ENG 3922 and ASL 4810) (D&I) (Film Elective)
FRTR 3584 - Topics in French Cinema  (Global)
GETR 3393 - Serial Media
GETR 3559 - Infectious: Narratives and Images of Contagion
GETR 3566 - Dark Passages: Film Noir and Exile (Global)
GETR 3471 - Weimar Cinema (Global, film)
GETR 3393 - Serial Media
HIUS 3162 - Digitizing America
ITTR 3280 - Michaelangelo: The Artist, The Man, and his Times
MESA 3380 - A Thousand and One Nights at the Cinema (D&I) (Film)
MESA 3381 - Spies in Action: Cine-Media Worlds of Espionage
MESA 3559 - Cinephilia & Global Modernity (Film)
PPOL 3559 - News Media
SOC 3505 - Gender, Power, Film (D&I, Film) (this course is taught by a member of the MDST faculty and is therefore considered an elective WITHIN the Media Studies Department)
STS 2500 - Telling the Story of Science and Engineering: Making Documentary Video (Practice of Media)