Study Abroad

Study Abroad

The Department of Media Studies does not have a formal study abroad relationship with any foreign institutions or programs. However, the Media Studies faculty has a vast network of international colleagues hailing from programs aligned with our Department’s mission and academic standards. We endorse the following institutions as potential sources of equivalent transfer credit and a high quality education. Students are ultimately encouraged to pursue a study abroad experience that best suits their personal interests and needs.

  • Semester at SeaThis program exists in partnership with the University of Virginia, making all courses taught on board automatically approved for transfer credit.

  • American University of Paris. Offers courses towards degrees in Film Studies and Global Communications. Almost all courses are taught in English.

  • Goldsmiths University of London. The Department of Media and Communications is an English-speaking undergraduate program.

  • Hebrew University. At the Smart Communications Institute, courses are taught in English and Hebrew.

  • London School of Economics (LSE). The Department of Media and Communications is an English-speaking graduate program with courses available to undergraduates with permission of the instructor and department.

  • University of Amsterdam (UvA). Graduate and undergraduate courses in Communications Science are offered.

  • University of Leicester. A variety of English-speaking courses are taught to fulfill their degree offerings in Communications (Bsc), Media and Society, Media and Sociology (BA), and Film and Media Studies (BA).

  • University of Saint Andrews. Undergraduate film and media studies courses taught in English focusing on cinema from a global perspective.

  • University of Stockholm. The Department of Media Studies offers English-speaking graduate courses in journalism, media, communication, fashion and cinema studies. These courses may be available to undergraduates with permission of the instructor and department.

  • University of Sydney. The Department of Media and Communications provides English-speaking undergraduate classes and postgraduate research work opportunities.

  • UVA Hispanic Studies in Spain Summer Program. This is an established study abroad program sponsored by the Department of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. Media Studies courses are sometimes cross-listed with courses taught as part of this program.

Transfer Credit for all non-UVA course work

Students wishing to apply study abroad credit towards their Media Studies major must first receive departmental approval. We will accept no more than two study abroad courses toward the major. Study abroad classes can only serve as MDST electives. The approval process is as follows:

  1. Identify a recognized foreign institution where you can take classes. The International Studies Office can help to identify such institutions.
  2. Identify the media/communications classes that you wish to take. Students should collect information on the courses they wish to take including the course title, number, description, credit hours, instructor, department, institution name, and course syllabi when possible. 
  3. Obtain a Study Abroad Transfer Credit Course Approval Form from the International Studies Office.
  4. Schedule an appointment with the Director of Undergraduate Studies, William Little, to discuss study abroad transfer credits. Students should bring their course information and their Study Abroad Transfer Credit Course Approval Form with them to this meeting for signature.
  5. Either keep a copy of your signed approval or email a copy to [email protected] for the departmental record. If you do not submit a copy, you will need to return to the study abroad office to obtain one in order for the course to apply to the major.
  6. If the course requires post approval, see William Little upon your return to grounds.
  7. Upon completion of the course, present your signed Study Abroad Transfer Credit Course Approval Form (or refer to the date you sent your email) and your transcript with the grade earned to the Media Studies office.

PLEASE NOTE: We will only review courses for current majors. If you intend to apply to the major, you need to wait until you have been accepted to have your courses reviewed.

For more information, Media Studies Majors should consult the Study Abroad website and the International Studies Office (ISO) in 208 Minor Hall.