MDST Newsletter

Navigating Media Literacy with Professor Bruce Williams

Since pivoting to media studies from political science 25 years ago, Bruce Williams, Taylor Professor in Media Studies, has been relentless in his pursuit of critical media literacy. His current research focuses on the changing media environment in the US and its influence on public discourse and understanding of military force.

Going Behind the Scenes with Harley Adsit ('20)

Media studies alumna Harley Adsit (’20) advocates for the people. As Communications Director for a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Harley not only drafts press releases, but also runs the team’s franked mail program and communicates with constituents about the impacts that legislation will have on them.

Diving into Media Ethics with Professor Allison Wright

Allison Wright, Media Studies professor, as well as Publisher and Executive Editor of the Virginia Quarterly Review, works tirelessly to educate her students on media ethics. The media ecosystem (print, broadcast, digital, etc) is ever-present and has a tight grip on society, but Wright’s students are learning how to break through.

Liz Brown-Kaiser ('19) on Bias and Media Consumption 

Liz Brown-Kaiser (’19) spends her days running around Washington D.C. reporting for the D.C. Bureau of NBC News. You may catch her mingling around the White House or documenting a Supreme Court Case.