MDST Newsletter

Honoring the Career of Professor Wyatt Andrews

Since graduating from UVA in 1974, Media Studies Professor of Practice Wyatt Andrews has had a lasting impact on the University and the world of reporting. Retiring this May, Andrews is universally admired by students, co-workers, and family alike, and has cultivated strong relationships throughout his successful career.

Morning Reporting with Caroline Coleburn ('17)

A 3:00 am to 12:00 pm workday may seem unusual to some, but for Caroline Coleburn (Media Studies, Politics ‘17), CBS 6 News morning reporter in Richmond, it’s the norm. Born into a family-owned newspaper in Blackstone, Virginia, Coleburn developed a passion for reporting at a young age. 

Navigating Sports Journalism with Anna Katherine Clay

Despite growing up as an athlete and sports lover, Anna Katherine Clay, Assistant Professor of Practice, didn't realize her passion for sports journalism as a career path until graduate school. She channeled her passion for narrative, non-fiction storytelling through sports into a 12-year career as a full-time writer, reporter and producer for ESPN. Now, Professor Clay hopes to spark similar enthusiasm in her students.

Nick Grossman ('20) on Writing for Sports Business Journal

A writer for Sports Business Journal, freelance contributor to Nonstop Sports on YouTube, and part-time Master’s student at Georgetown University, Nick Grossman (Media Studies ’20) is no stranger to early mornings and late nights. Most days start at 6:00 am, with Grossman compiling sports business news from national and local newspapers for inclusion in SBJ’s newsletter. 

Becky Laflam ('23) on Her Role as President at WUVA

From the moment she set foot in the recording studio as a first-year, Becky Laflam (Media Studies, English ‘23) was drawn to the productive and creative environment at WUVA. Three years later, Becky serves as the organization’s president and helps manage the platform by communicating projects and deadlines, training new members, and producing videos.