Liz Brown-Kaiser ('19) on Bias and Media Consumption

Liz Brown-Kaiser (’19) spends her days running around Washington D.C. reporting for the D.C. Bureau of NBC News. You may catch her mingling around the White House or documenting a Supreme Court Case. Through it all, Liz maintains an unbiased narrative. “What’s important as a journalist is to report fairly, truthfully, and transparently,” she notes. 

As a reporter, Liz emphasizes the value of building trust with the people she speaks to: “Something that I always like to do in in my reporting… is to think from the perspective of the person that I'm interviewing – how would they counter a point, how would they challenge the other side – and use that back-end thinking to frame my questions.”

Along with this reporting tip, Liz also shared her thoughts on how to be a good media consumer. “Seek out other forms of information,” she suggests. “Turning on the TV news, watching long-form reporting on streaming platforms, newspapers, newsletters… dabbling in a little bit of all of it is always, in my opinion, a good way to read a story from a different angle and determine for yourself where you stand on an issue, or even think about the lens of the reporter telling this story.”