I have been accepted...now what?

I have been accepted...now what?

Congratulations! We are glad to have you join our department and look forward to getting to know you, your goals, and your aspirations. First, there are some administrative items to be handled.

1. Advising - Soon after being accepted to the Media Studies major, you will receive an email letting you know who has been assigned as your Media Studies advisor.

2. The Major Declaration Form - The Media Studies Declaration of Major form will help you understand the requirements of the major and navigate successful completion.Your advisor can help you complete this form to declare your Media Studies major. [This is a MS Word doc, if you cannot open it you can print a pdf file here.]  You are not committed to the courses you list, nor are we committed to offering them in the future.  A sample of a completed declaration can be found here.

3. Submit your completed MDST Declaration of Major Form using the College of Arts and Sciences' Declaration of Major DocuSign Form. Be sure to attached your Media Studies Declaration to this form. NOTE: You do not need to retype all courses listed--listing one class will suffice.

4. Required course MDST 3050 - All majors are expected to satisfactorily complete MDST 3050 in their third year. If you will be studying abroad in your third year, please discuss this with your advisor ASAP, so they may have you enrolled in the semester you will be on grounds.

5. Department Courses - In addition, please note that we require you to complete the 4000 level elective and 3 of the 5 additional elective courses in the Media Studies Department. Cross listed courses count as MDST courses, even if you are enrolled in the course as offered by another department. For example, MDST 3590/GETR 3590 - if you are enrolled in either section it will count for the major.

6. Study Abroad -  Please see our webpage for complete details regarding study abroad.

7. SIS Requirements - Once your requirements for the major are in SIS, please review your account and make sure your courses have been applied. If you have questions about courses on our lists that are not filling in properly, please contact Julie Gronlund, our administrative coordinator for assistance. If you would like a course reviewed for acceptance toward your Media Studies requirements, please follow the instructions found under Course Offerings here.

Welcome again, and we look forward to meeting you at the advising sessions!