BLACK AT UVA: A Student Documentary

Media Studies welcomes its class of 2023! Our next application period opens this summer.

ESPN's Marc Spears in MDST 2690

Congratulations 2020 graduates!

Graduation 2020

Congratulations 2020 graduates!

Graduation 2020

Media Studies welcomes its class of 2023! Our next application period opens this summer.

BLACK AT UVA: A Student Documentary

Media Studies applications for admission in the fall of 2021 are closed. 

Katie Cantone

What I will remember about UVA, via the 5 senses:

The light of a sunny day reflecting off the glass and brick as I walked up the stairs in Nau/Gibson.

The fullness of sound of eleven, thirteen, sixteen voices blending with my own as we sang in a circle in the 1515 Studio.

The smell of my thesis advisor's pumpkin spice diffuser as soon as I entered Wilson Hall.

The taste of HotCakes' peanut butter fudge pie, which I ordered once a year on my birthday to enjoy with a friend.

Emily Graffeo

I've been on the Virginia Dance Team for four years. A UVA memory that I will cherish forever is dancing at the men's basketball national championship game last year. I'm so thankful I had that opportunity! And of course, the win at the end was great too. (photo credits to Kris Wright)

Emily Sumlin

One of my favorite parts of UVA came in my last year when I joined the Promotions class in the Comm School. Being a Media Studies major, I was really nervous since I didn't have a business background but my incredible team showed me my strengths were an asset and that we all brought unique things to the project. We made a great team but we make greater friends and I'm so lucky to have them in my life (and its crazy that we only just met this year).

Summer Zhang

Favorite class at UVA: Media Policy with Professor Christopher Ali; it’s a very challenging class for sure, but I learned a lot about the policy side of Media Studies which showed me that media is so much more than just content and business. I am hoping to learn more about media policy when I move to DC after graduation.

Emily Angelotti

One of my favorite UVA memories was when we finally beat Virginia Tech at football! Not only did I get to rush the field (which had been on my bucket list), but one of my best friends who goes to VT came for the game as well. I spent the rest of the weekend showing her my favorite spots around Charlottesville. We got Bodo's, walked around IX art park, and hung out at the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar. We even caught a concert at The Jefferson! The weekend felt like a walk down memory lane for me, but with the added excitement of my friend experiencing Charlottesville for the first time.

Siva Vaidhyanathan

My favorite class hang-out spot was the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City, site of Late Night with Stephen Colbert, where I have had the pleasure of hanging out with hundreds of UVA Media Studies students who have taken my New York City January-term course.

Jacob Thomas Vanaman

While there is so much that made UVA special for me - the spaces, the classes, and the people - a few of my favorite experiences have been in the Music Department with: Noel Lobley, the kindest and most passionate professor I have ever met; Luke Dahl, who taught me to unlock the artistic freedom of technology; Fred Maus, without whom I would be less observant, less introspective, and less empathetic; John Dearth, whose words echo the warmest embrace and continue to remind me to "strive for tone"; Matthew Burtner, who challenged me to see and harness the beauty in the seemingly mundane; Joel


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