Congratulations 2021 graduates!

Graduation Video 

BLACK AT UVA: A Student Documentary

Fandoms: A Podcast by MDST major Kasey Roper.

Applications for 2nd year students to become Media Studies majors will open early in the spring semester from Jan. 28, 2022, - Feb. 11, 2022. 


Congratulations 2021 graduates!

Graduation Video 

Applications to become a Media Studies Major will reopen in the spring of 2022. 


BLACK AT UVA: A Student Documentary

Applications for 2nd year UVA students to become Media Studies majors will open on January 28, 2022, and close on February 11, 2022. A link will be posted to the web site closer to that date.

Theresa Matthews

Professor Clay's Sports Media Production and Sports Journalism classes were my favorite at UVA. Both of them allowed me to have hands on experience in the sports industry. I found those classes super valuable in shaping my career path. I just want to thank Professor Clay and my classmates for such amazing experiences.

Caitland Winsett

My first ever class at UVA was Intro to Media Studies with Professor Bruce Williams. I was absolutely terrified, and I sat in the second row of Wilson 401. When Professor WIlliams got up to the podium, he looked out at the class and said "raise your hand if this is the first class you've taken at UVA." Me and a few other students raised our hands, and he then said "Welcome, I'm so excited to have you." His class convinced me to be a Media Studies major, and that experience on the first day was a big part of it.

Annahissa Almaraz

I feel grateful for the time spent on the lawn, for the people who have become my closest friends, for the food and art that makes Charlottesville special, and for the walk from 14th street all the way to Nau Hall, that gave me the opportunity to appreciate UVA in all of its different seasons and moods.

Sierra Ruiz

My favorite memories are walking past the Rotunda every time I went to class or work. I took my first UVA photo at the Rotunda while it was under construction, and I have yet to take my last photo there. See you later Tundy!

Taelor Davis

My favorite UVA memory is every single Foxfield we had :). Oh, and also -- when Jeff Wittek (Youtuber/Member of the "Vlog Squad") unexpectedly came into my Celebrity Studies class taught by the best professor Elizabeth Ellcessor, and ironically talked to us about influencer marketing! It was quite the learning experience...!!!

Bailey Vaughn

The media lab on Wilson 2 became my home for three years after I joined the major. I cried, laughed, and edited some amazing stories in that room. Jessica deserves all the praise in the world! She helped me become a better editor and person. To all the Professors that saw me losing my mind through the windows of the media never judged me! Thank you!


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