Fandoms: A Podcast by MDST major Kasey Roper.

Congratulations to           

Professor Christopher Ali      

on the release of             

Farm Fresh Broadband:      

The Politics of Rural Connectivity

Applications for 2nd year students to become Media Studies majors

will open early in the spring semester from

Jan. 28, 2022, - Feb. 11, 2022. 


Media Studies Students win Student Production Emmys for

Spring Broken, College on Covid and BLACK AT UVA


Congratulations to Professor Christopher Ali

on the release of

Farm Fresh Broadband:

The Politics of Rural Connectivity


Applications to become a Media Studies Major will reopen in the spring of 2022. 


Spring Broken, College on Covid and BLACK AT UVA: A Student Documentary win Student Production Emmys (non-fiction long form).

Applications for 2nd year UVA students to become Media Studies majors will open on January 28, 2022, and close on February 11, 2022. A link will be posted to the web site closer to that date.

Julia Melton

It was the first day of classes first year and I was riding my bike by Clark. I was struggling to make it up the hill and two fourth years started watching me and cheering me on. I couldn't do it and had to get off the bike completely mortified. While super embarrasing, it's a hilarious story -- It was a welcome into college that reminded me to try new things and not be afraid to laugh at myself.

Matthew Healey

The People: My roommates, hall mates, apartment mates, friends, teammates on Club Swim, professors, and all of the great people I have formed lasting relationships with during my time at UVA. I have met my best friends here.

The Places: Scott Stadium, JPJ, the AFC, O-Hill Dining Hall, The Lawn, Lambeth Field, the Corner, and of course Metcalf 1R are among many of the places that will always be special to me.

Danica Jefferies

Proud to be graduating from UVA with a double major in Statistics and Media Studies at the age of 18! Of all my memories, I felt my absolute best during coffee-fueled, all-day paper writing sessions at the block tables in Newcomb Starbucks.

Jack Mulquin

My favorite UVA memories are running with President Ryan and the UVA running club and being at the Final Four watching the Hoos win the National Championship.

Gloria Berguido

I decided to take Speaking in Public in the fall of 2018 to fulfill my practice of media requirement. I hated public speaking so I figured it was a good change to try and change that, or at the very least get better at it. Looking back, it definitely made the top three for my favorite classes at UVA. Not only did I end up getting much better at public speaking, I actually like it now. As the very shy person I am, I never in a million years imagined myself saying that. I can't thank Colleen Kelly enough for making that class what it became for me!


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